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Funding charities, NPO and impact projects

Blockchainists have been on a mission to make the world a better place. Today, there are hundreds of billions of dollars' worth of digital assets on one side and on the other, more than a billion people starving, suffering, enslaved... givabit icon is on a mission to change this together with you and our experienced partners on the ground already changing lives every day. No one left behind!


Engaging communities

givabit icon is a space for communities and like-minded individuals who share the objectives to accelerate the change. Artists, developers, art and tech enthusiasts, crypto investors, donors, brands, celebrities, influencers… Concerned about starvation or global warming? Everyone has a personal story and can actively engage with the rest of the community to become a change accelerator. Stronger together!


Building Web5

Some have coined “Web5” as a super internet where machines and humans can share emotions. Others are looking at Web5.0 as Web 3.0 + Web 2.0, the decentralized web of value meets the social media web. As Web3.0 itself is still in its infancy, givabit icon wants to put human and humanitarian values at the center of Web5. A web of hearts!